Ukraine crisis, opportunity for Myanmar

Prior to the war, Ukraine held the position of the largest sunflower oil exporter globally. However, the conflict has disrupted agricultural operations, resulting in diminished harvests and restricted availability of edible oil. As a consequence, numerous countries face limited stocks and steep price increases, which have aggravated food crises in East Africa and prompted export restrictions in Indonesia.

In response to the escalating costs, supermarkets and restaurants, including those in Britain, have implemented measures to limit customers’ purchases of cooking oils.

The Ukraine crisis presents an opportunity for Asian countries like Myanmar to benefit from growing sunflowers for oil production. Ukraine’s role as a major exporter of sunflower oil before the war has resulted in limited availability and soaring prices, especially in the European Union (EU) market. Myanmar, with its favorable climate and agricultural potential, can take advantage of this situation by increasing sunflower cultivation and establishing oil extraction facilities to meet EU demand. This would boost Myanmar’s economy, enhance agricultural development, and create employment opportunities. By becoming a reliable supplier of sunflower oil to the EU, Myanmar can strengthen trade ties, increase export revenue, and establish itself as a significant player in the global sunflower oil industry.

I’m partnering with the Myanmar government to grow sunflowers and extract oil for supply to the Middle East and EU markets. This collaboration aims to meet increasing demand and establish a reliable source of sunflower oil. Please get in touch for more information.

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